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How to protect your lawn and garden from heavy rain?

Updated: Apr 20, 2018

There’s a reason they call it Raincouver and with excess water comes the need to take precautions when it comes to your lawn and garden.

How do you protect your lawn and garden in the midst of rainy season… i.e., every season?

How do you Protect the Lawn?

When it comes to your lawn, there are a couple things you can do to protect it from the rain. It is of the utmost importance to make sure there is a proper drainage system installed.

You can build a french drain. French drains are the perfect solution to standing water, the water that pools in low-lying areas on your lawn. French drains take water from one part of your yard and carry it to another desired section.

Pro tip: make sure to find a good spot to divert the water to; you don’t want to create standing water in a different area.

Another solution is building up your lawn. The way we do this is by top dressing your lawn with sand which will help absorb the excess liquid.

How do you Protect the Garden?

When it comes to your garden, we have a similar approach, with two specific suggestions.

One solution we have is to install some sort of drainage to alleviate the water. A good technique is to use a french drain, as described above.

The other idea we suggest is to build up your garden. Whereas with your lawn we suggest to build it up with sand, you need to use soil with your garden.

To summarize, Vancouver is an extremely wet city and if you want your garden to thrive, you need to understand how to protect it from the rain. Your garden and lawn take effort to maintain, don’t let mother nature ruin your hard work.

As a general rule of thumb, if there is standing water that never seems to evaporate, you have a water problem. If you have a water problem, then you need to act fast. Too much water leaches out the nutrients in the soil and the grass and you have to replenish those nutrients with fertilizer consistently.

With all this said, it is important to note that all lawns and gardens are unique; it depends what direction your yard is facing, how close to sea-level you are, how much sun your yard gets, how much shade your yard gets, etc. Whatever the problem, we are here to help.

Feel free to contact us at or by phone at 604-971-4844, to receive a free quote.

How do you protect your garden from rain?



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